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Park Reservation Application

Park Usage Policy

Personal use - (reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, etc...)

  1. No camping allowed.
  2. No charge to use shelters for family events.

Ball team use

  1. Douglas teams have priority - has to be timely notification of intent.
  2. Village needs a schedule from the ball team before the keys are issued.
  3. Notify the clerk if any changes are made to the schedule.
  4. There is a $100.00 deposit on keys, returned if keys are turned back in by September 1st.
  5. The Village can charge the teams for utilities if they choose.
  6. Teams are in charge of cleaning up the concession stand, bathrooms, and picking up trash. Ball teams will furnish toilet paper and concession stand supplies. Teams will get all proceeds from concession stand sales.
  7. Village is responsible for dumping the trash cans when full.